Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

The birds are not anxious…


Several years ago, we planted peach trees.  Mo waited with excitement for them to produce fruit.  Each year…there were no peaches.  One morning, after his devotional, he came to me and said “I know why the peach trees are not producing fruit. God told me to prune my trees and they would be fruitful” (John 15:1-6).  So, he did…and this year…WE HAD OVER A HUNDRED PEACHES!!!

Yay, right?  Well, not exactly.  Suddenly the birds began to attack our peaches…vehemently!  Mo took to the internet for a solution to protect our peaches.  First, he tried using nets over the trees, and the birds were getting caught in the nets and dying.  Our “animal loving” daughters were beside themselves and crying that Daddy was killing the birds!  Once again, Mo took to the internet.  Then he put up an owl…only for the birds to perch on the owl and poop on its head!  Back to the internet again…this time “hang something shiny”…so he did.  Still nothing!  Mo was obsessed with protecting our peaches!

During this time and with the BIG THING being asked of us, we have been trying to decide which things/possessions do we keep and which do we get rid of.  Several events have happened lately that have knocked us for a loop.  It seems that our possessions (“peaches”) have been attacked by people (“birds”).  Before the BIG THING was asked of us, life was easy…well, easier with many less challenges.

Mo kept saying “God is trying to teach me something with the peach trees.  It’s driving me crazy because I can’t figure it out.”

He finally found the solution where it was all along…the Bible!  In Matthew 6:26, it states that the birds do not worry about where their food will come from…they do not store up…they trust God!  Mo stopped protecting his trees.  He let the birds have his peaches…and they ate ALL of them!!!

Mo came to me and said “I think God wants us to sell everything.”

Ummm…say what??

He said “Our things are like these peaches.  I can continue to try to protect our things/possessions from the “birds”, or I can trust in God’s plan.  I feel that, if we continue to try to hold onto our things while we are doing the BIG THING, that we will miss what God wants from us.  We can’t have our minds/hearts worried about our things  and truly be focused on our mission there!”

So…there you have it!  We are selling EVERYTHING…and we are going to trust His plan!  The birds are not anxious…why should I be?

Can you imagine the freedom?

3 thoughts on “The birds are not anxious…

  1. ummmm….everything? like even your running shoes???

  2. Well…not the running shoes! Those have to help keep me sane while I am there

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